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Super Seniors -Dogs That Need You!

Hello! My name is Reba. I am an 8 year old spayed female Saint Bernard and I currently weigh 98 pounds. I was seized from a neglect/cruelty investigation after it was determined that my owner was incapable of providing me with the love, up keep and medical care I was in desperate need of! I was extremely malnourished, Infested with fleas, suffering from a severe double ear infection and had a large open wound on the back one of my legs that made it very painful to walk and lay down. Despite my poor condition, my loving affectionate personality never faltered! I am big sweet gentle giant who LOVES to go for walks and lounge about with my people. I will need a forever home WITHOUT other dogs as I am extremely possessive of “my things” and my people! I get along okay with kitties but can be a bit unpredictable and will chase them on occasion so I would ultimately be best as the only pet in the home! I do have some experience around older children 8 years and up and seem to do very well ( young children make me uncomfortable)! I am searching for a loving, breed knowledgeable family who can provide me with tons of love, cuddles and walks for the rest of my golden years! If you think I could be the perfect companion for your family, please stop on down and spend some time with me! I promise you won’t regret it!
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Blondie's Skin at Intake!!

Hello There! My name is Blondie! I am a 12 year old spayed female Yellow Labrador Retriever mix who was rescued just about a month ago all the way from Alabama as I was at risk to be euthanized! I was in rough shape but was still so sweet and full of life so of course the shelter staff couldn’t help but fall in love with me. When I was transported here to ANNA, I was sent out to The ANNA Wellness Center West to be examined and get full diagnostics (bloodwork and Xrays) done by Dr. Bahl! I had severe Dental Disease, a nasty skin infection and my Xrays showed that I have Osteoarthritis and Bilateral Hip Dysplasia! I was placed on an several different antibiotics, pain meds, a joint supplement (lifelong) and was scheduled for my Dental to be preformed once I started feeling better. I’ve been in foster care ever since and boy have I flourished!! I received my Dental, got some cysts removed and my arthritis has greatly improved with proper diet, productive yet limited exercise and daily joint care! I am now searching for a forever home with a loving family where I can live out the rest of my golden years happy and unconditionally loved! Don’t let all this arthritis talk fool you...I may be a super senior but I am still very spry and have tons of love left to give! I get along wonderfully with other animals and older children too! Due to my arthritis, I will have some limitations which include but are not limited to not being able to use stairs/steps. I will need to stay at a healthy lean weight, get daily exercise to help loosen stiff joints as well as keep my muscles strong and receive daily joint care lifelong! If you think you could provide me with the best possible home and care, please submit an application for pre-approval to meet with me!
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Hi There! My name is Sadie! I am a 12 year old spayed female German Shepherd mix and I currently weigh 56 pounds. I was recently rescued with 35 other dogs from a very sad situation. I was immediately placed on a treatment plan as I, along with many of the other dogs rescued were suffering from flea allergy dermatitis, a double ear infection and to top it all off a severe dental infection that was very painful. Despite my poor condition, my lovable, outgoing personality never faltered. I am a now looking and feeling much better but will still need some TLC to get me where I need to be. I am very sweet, affectionate senior companion who is searching for a loving, breed knowledgeable family to love for the rest of my golden years. I get along great with other animals and older respectful children too! If you think I could be the perfect addition to your family, please submit an application to get pre-approved to meet with me! I WILL NOT be available to be seen at the shelter as I am in foster care!
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