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Small Adoptable Critters
No room for a dog or cat?  Try one of these little companions on for size!

Hi! Our names are Callie and Daisy. We are two spayed female bunnies! We are both very big bunbuns and both super sweet; and we're 3 years old. When we came here we needed a spa day! We got our nails done and baths to clean our poopy butts! Now that we look and feel so much better we are ready for our new homes!
Adoption fee is $40.00 per bunny - each comes with a cage and some supplies.

We are currently available up at PetSmart on Upper Peach!




These sweet young rabbits are believed to be siblings. Sadly, they were recently removed from their home due to neglect concerns by ANNA Cruelty Officer Eric Duckett with the assistance of the State Police! All three of these adorable bunnies are very sweet and social! Delilah, Dexter and Dylan are all searching for their forever homes but do not have to be adopted out together! If you are interested please stop on down and spend some time with them! If you do not have experience owning/caring for rabbits please do your research before considering adopting to ensure you can provide them with the best possible home and care.



Adoption Fee $25.00 ( per rabbit)

*New owners will be responsible for a proper sized enclosure and all supplies*

* Delilah, Dexter and Dylan are all intact rabbits *


A Non-Profit 501 (c) 3 Animal Welfare Association


Ruth Thompson, Director