1555 East 10th Street
Erie, PA 16511
Our Facility

We are located near downtown Erie at 1555 East 10th Street.

Our spacious, fenced in play yard allows dogs to run and play with supervision or be kenneled outdoors for fresh air.  We use the yard 365 days a year!  Dogs are out at least twice a day and are socialized with two and four legged friends.

Cat Central is where the adoptable cat population lives at the shelter.  There are five large living room type areas with lots of things to keep the cats stimulated and feeling safe.  Each room has shelves for perching, tables for climbing, hammocks and baskets for lounging and lots of toys and interactive activity.   The cats are socialized and groomed daily by our dedicated staff and volunteers.   Kittens and/or cats that don't enjoy other feline company are kept in our spacious condos where they have two levels of living area and a hideaway spot for sleeping.

Canine Quarters is where the adoptable dogs are housed.  Kennels range from 6x6 to 10x10 and each have a raised bedding area.  Some dogs are buddied up for company in their kennels while others prefer their own space.  Our kennels are three times the State regulated size so the dogs have plenty of room to stretch out and move.

These Kennels are for holding strays and dogs that have not yet been placed into our adoption program.  Kennels are spacious and clean with each dog having its own bedding.  Ventilation is key to keeping dogs healthy.  Doors are left open in the nice weather for fresh out door air circulation and in the inclement weather we utilize our out door air return system to keep the air moving.

A Non-Profit 501 (c) 3 Animal Welfare Association


Ruth Thompson, Director