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Erie, PA 16511
Lost/Found Pets





If you find a lost pet please be aware of the following:


You can bring a stray dog into the shelter during any of our open hours. You DO NOT need an appointment to bring in a stray dog.

 HOWEVER since cats are considered free roaming animals in Pennsylvania they are not considered stray.  They can be brought in BY APPOINTMENT ONLY unless they are sick or injured.  

You can also call animal enforcement at 870-1125 and arrange for pick up with the Animal Enforcement Officer - the City is contracted to take stray animals to the Humane Society of NWPa - animals picked up by the City WILL NOT BE COMING TO US.  

In Erie County you can do the same bringing the dog to us or making an appointment for the cat or call the PA State Dog Warden at 814-934-2983 to arrange pick up. The State WILL NOT pick up cats. 


 If you have lost your pet, please call the shelter and leave a detailed message.  That should include your name and number, the area where the animal was lost, a description of the animal, and what type of collar your pet is wearing. 

Please send us an email or call us as soon as  your pet is missing.  

Please include your name, phone number, a description of your pet including breed, size, sex, spayed/neuterd info, where and when the pet was lost, and any distinguishing features (scar/docked tail/collar etc.)

Sending a picture of your lost pet is extremely helpful.

Posting flyers and posters and ads in the paper can be effective. 

Please remember - abandoning an animal at our facility or anywhere else is never an option.  It is illegal.  We will do everything in our power to help with whatever situation if given the opportunity.  Please be responsible and reasonable - there are always options available.



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Ruth Thompson, Director