Horse Rescue/Adoption

We have added a new service to the shelter to help the needy horses in our area as we are able.  Our rescue effort will begin small as we are just building a network of foster farms and volunteers willing to help with their specific needs.  We will be focusing on horses seized or found abandoned by local authorities. It is not our intention or mission to help owned horses at this time.  If you're interested in helping in any area of this new venture or have any questions or concerns please send us an email to  At this time you must make an appointment to meet any of the horses.

Interested in adopting?  Fill out the application linked below and email to





6 Year Old QH/Morgan Gelding

Storm is a stunning bay gelding.  He has a puppy-dog personality and absolutely loves people and attention.  He is a solid boy, standing around 15.2 hands.  Storm is broke to ride, however he is green.  He knows how to walk, trot, stop and reverse.  He is willing and smart and will make someone a lovely horse!  If you're interested in adopting Storm, or would like to learn more, please email


Adoption Fee $600



approx 3 year old QH gelding

Finn is an athletic Quarter Horse gelding.  He came to us in a cruelty seizure and has been gaining weight and confidence with us.  He is a real lover, winning over everyone he meets.  Below is a video of Danielle, one of our volunteers working him in the round pen.  We think you'll agree that he is a lovely mover and really could be used for any discipline.  As we work with Finn and learn more about what he knows - we will post updates here!  

Update 4/16/14: Finn's training is progressing very well.  In addition to the round pen work you see in the video below, we have also begun to ground drive him.  He is incredibly smart and responsive.  He will stand quiety to be mounted and will allow you to mount from either side.  He carries himself very well, and has the potential to do just about anything.  There is no doubt he is going to make someone an excellent partner! You can meet Finn at our 'Your Horse 101' event April 26th.  Visit our Upcoming Events page to learn more!

Adoption fee $500

Email with questions or to set up a vist!


Mizzy II

15 year old QH/Morgan mare

Mizzy II came to us from the same large seizure as Finn.  When she came into the rescue she was very underweight, and as you can see, that is no longer an issue.  Mizzy is a beautiful girl who is looking for a special home.  Due to years of neglect and being turned out with a stallion 24/7, Mizzy developed a bad habit of kicking any time ANYTHING came near her back end.  Over the past six months, her foster family has worked on this, and she has made great strides.  However, she will need a home experienced enough to handle the special challenges that come with her.  Currently, she will stand tied, you can pick up her front feet, and she behaves well for grooming.  She was blanketed most of the winter, and she tolerated the blanket coming on and off very well.  She has also had a saddle pad and saddle on and was fine with both.  She is not headshy or timid, and is learning to really love people.  She "talks" to her foster family, loves treats, is respectful of space and of other horses.  Below, please check out a video of the first time Mizzy was lounged.  She is a beautiful girl who deserves a second chance.  More updates will be posted as the weather thaws and we are able to begin working with her more.

Update 4/16/14: Mizzy has begun training at Equine Revelation.  Trainer Erin reports that she is doing well and is learning new things every day!  She has been ridden and is picking up all four feet!

Adoption fee $400

Email if you're interested in learning more about Mizzy II!




Pinto Yearling Filly

Zooey is a yearling pinto filly.  She is a beautiful chestnut color with splashes of white all over her legs.  If you look closely, you can see the splash on her knee... Zooey came to us with Oprah.  She too was locked in a barn with no food or water.  She has been through a lot in her short life.  Her feet were in very poor condition when she arrived and she behaved nicely for the farrier, although it was clear she was not sure exactly what was going on!  With the right home, Zooey should blossom into a lovely little horse.  If you are interested in meeting Zooey, please email

Update 4/16/14: Zooey has been living with a foster family for the past couple of months and is doing very well.  Her body condition has improved immensely and she is now 100% healthy and sound.  She has learned basic ground manners and is soaking up all the love and attention she's getting!  You can meet Zooey at our 'Your Horse 101' event April 26th.  Visit our Upcoming Events page to learn more!

Adoption fee $250

Winter Ridge aka "Ridge"

8 year old Thoroughbred Mare

Ridge is the last OTTB left from the West Virginia 6.  She is an incredible mare with impressive bloodlines, who was a consistent money earner on the track.  Ridge's racing career ended last summer, and she is now ready to start her a new career - but will require some time off from all riding to recover from the stresses she endured while racing.  She is broke to ride, has excellent ground manners, and is quickly becoming the staff favorite.  If you have room in your heart and your pasture, she just might be the girl for you!  You can meet Ridge at our 'Your Horse 101' event on April 26th.  Visit our Upcoming Events page to learn more!

Adoption fee $600

To learn more about Ridge please email





3 year old QH cross mare

Rosie is another horse that came to us from a large cruelty seizure.  From the beginning, she displayed an interest in people and a charming personality that was hard to resist.  However, it was also immediately apparent that she had received little to no training in her short life.  In addition, it was also discovered that young Rosie was three months pregnant.  Well, today it is no exaggerationto say that Rosie has undergone a complete transformation!  Thanks to the hard work and dedication of her foster family she can now stand to be groomed, stand for the farrier, load, lead, and has even had a saddle on her back!  Rosie now has the foundations essential for any good horse, and is ready to find her new family!  To learn more about Rosie please email

Adoption fee for Rosie - $300.00
with foal - $400.00